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Our Roofing Process

Charleston roof repair replacement sidingStep 1: The Call

Our work starts with you contacting us about your roof repair or replacement project. We'll gather information over the phone, and then one of our estimators will make an appointment for an on-site visit.

Step 2: The On-Site Visit

One of our expert estimators will visit your property to evaluate the scope of work. While in some cases your attendance is not required, meeting you at the project site allows us to show samples and discuss repair and/or installation options. We’ll also be able to assess interior conditions and needs.

Step 3: The Proposal

From our on-site visit, our estimator will determine the labor and material needs, and provide a complete, detailed written proposal including warranty information for your review.

Sea Grove Condominiums, Wild Dunes, Isle of Palms Re-roofStep 4: The Approval

Upon review of our proposal, we urge you to contact us with any questions you have.
Our estimators can meet with you personally or discuss your concerns over the phone. When you find the terms and conditions to be acceptable, simply sign the proposal and mail it back to us.

Step 5: Confirmation

When we receive the signed proposal, we will contact you to arrange scheduling and discuss details such as color selections and special concerns. We also contact your community’s building department to obtain necessary permits and schedule required inspections.

Step 6: The Roofing Job Begins

First, we evaluate existing conditions and take necessary precautions to protect your home and property. Then, we remove your old roof. After it is removed, we clean the grounds and gutters, plus perform a magnetic sweep around the perimeter of your property to remove any loose metal and nails. We also inspect the existing roof deck for dry rot or termite damage and report findings to you. Learn more about our services here.

roofing contractors Charleston SCStep 7: New Roof Installation

A representative from your community’s building department does an inspection (if required) of your existing roof deck to confirm that it is sound and that all required repairs have been made. After approval we install your new roof utilizing the finest materials and workmanship. Upon completion, we clean the grounds and restore your property to its original condition.

Step 8: Completion

When we complete your roof to our exacting standards, we contact the building department for a required final on-site inspection. When they provide final approval, you may keep the signed permit for your records. We are done when you are satisfied.