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Pre-Event Preparation

roofing hurricane prep Charleston roof repair replacementIf you live in South Carolina, especially Charleston, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Wadmalaw Island, James Island, or Johns Island... Now is the time to prepare and protect your property; more specifically your hurricane prep your roof.

Pro Roofing Charleston will provide a "Pre-event Response Team" contract with our customer, which will dedicate resources to your roofing needs in the event of a storm. We will make fast and efficient repairs to our customers roofs and install temporary roofs as needed which will be priced in accordance with insurance industry standards for emergencies.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to have your roof inspected by a Licensed Roofing Contractor. A typical inspection consists of a thorough visual inspection of:

  • The roof system
  • Its adjacent surfaces (e.g. walls)
  • Mechanical equipment that can impact the roof system waterproof integrity.

For hurricane prep, any items on the roof that can become airborne should be noted for proper securing or removal.

A detailed report should be provided by a certified roofing company, including a roof drawing and pictures showing areas of concern. An overall written property condition report is also recommended. This information will become very useful if your property is damaged during a storm and documentation is needed for your insurance company showing the pre-existing condition of the roof / or property. Proper documentation with pictures, drawings, maintenance records, and warranties can help expedite your insurance claim process. Documentation can also be of help with the local building officials for permitting the repairs.

hurricane preparation, roof preparation, storm prep, roof repair, roof damageIf you property is damaged by a storm, it is imperative that you take every measure to mitigate the damage. An Insurance policy requires the policy holder to protect the property from further damage after the storm. We do not recommend using tarps if at all possible. Tarps do not last long and can be affected by normal weather conditions if not properly secured. A secure temporary waterproof roof, professionally installed, is the best way to protect your property and meet the standards of the insurance industry.

Experience from previous storms have shown that with the time it takes to obtain insurance settlements, along with the availability of roofing supplies and labor, a new permanent replacement roof may take considerable amount of time to permit and install.

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